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iPhone App Approved

Following on from our Android app, the SMS Responder iPhone app has now been approved for inclusion on the app store. Version 8 of SMS Responder (due for release shortly) will be able to send and receive messages to iPhone owners by data as well as SMS.

Integrated SMS/App solution released

Version 7.10 of SMS Responder pairs the outdoor coverage of SMS with the guarenteed availability of WiFi.

The new system can send to an app on the recipient's phone, meaning virtually all homes and workplaces will have 100% coverage. Where the app is not installed or does not have coverage (e.g. rural locations with no 3G), an SMS is more

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Get your message to the right people, fast
Many organisations have volunteers or staff off site but on call. SMS Responder will help get your message to them and organise their replies

Get your team deployed faster, started faster
Whether it's Mountain or Lowland Rescue, St John Ambulance or Lowland Search Dogs, SMS Responder can help get the maximum number of volunteers on the ground as quickly as possible

Activate multiple specialist or voluntary teams
Police or County/State Control Rooms can save time by sending a short assistance request to several independent/voluntary teams at once


Use the Membership Database
As well as mobile numbers we can store home phone numbers, address, employee/membership type, department, specialist roles etc.

Communicate with Groups
Send data messages, SMS and emails with attachments to committees, departments etc based on the fields in the Membership Database.

Track Qualifications
Receive a regular email report showing whose certificates will expire soon. Easily see who has which qualification. Select groups based on current certificates.

Track Assets
Email reports showing insurance/MOT/inspection etc. due to expire soon. Assign assets to Events.

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